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Nov 18, 2020 · Physical Therapy

Hope all of you are continuing to stay safe (and sane!) during these uncertain times! Just wanted to give everyone an update of our policies and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Anyone entering the clinic will need to wear a face mask that is appropriately covering their entire nose and mouth
  • Temp checked at door.  Will cancel/reschedule PT session if temp is > than 99.5 deg F 
  • Pass our Covid-19 screening  
    • In the past 14 days 
      • No fever > than 99.5 deg F 
      • Body aches, Chills, Sore Throat, Coughing, Headache, Short of Breathe, Gastrointestinal dysfunction, Loss of Taste or Smell 
      • Anyone at home with such symptoms above 
      • Anyone you have had contact with (< than 6 ft for 15 min or more) that has been (+) for Covid-19 
      • Actively awaiting results of Covid-19 test 
      • You yourself is Covid-19 and not released by MD 
      • Travel off island 
    • If answer Yes to any of the above- will need MD note to return to PT 
  • Cleaning protocol 
    • All contact surfaces are cleaned with EPA certified Covid-19 cleaners 
  • All patients are only in direct contact with their PT only 
  • No one will be awaiting in our waiting room 
  • All staff is wearing KN95/faceshields when in direct contact with patients.  They are required to wash hands/hand disinfectant with each  
  • I've benefited in so many ways: improved my functionality, learned to re-educate my muscles "slowly", and continued to maintain a pro-active attitude by taking control of my healing.

    C.O. - CoPT Patient

  • I appreciate, very much, that you thoroughly explained the purpose of the exercises - it is more meaningful when doing the exercise, to know its purpose.

    C.C. - CoPT Patient

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Physical Therapy News


    Hope all of you are continuing to stay safe (and sane!) during these uncertain times!…

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