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Posture Got You Down?

Have you ever noticed that after a long day at work your neck, shoulders and low back are kind of tight and sore (especially if you do a lot of computer work)? Feels like you’re in a huge knot and you just can’t shake it? Well, maybe you need to have your work station assessed to make sure you are in the most efficient position possible to minimize the stresses to your neck, shoulders, and back. This can make all the difference in the world!

If you feel like you would benefit from a work station assessment, please call us, Central Oahu PT Specialists, at 450-9250.

Got Lower Back Pain? Go See Your Physical Therapist!

Do you suffer from low back pain? Have you tried to just lay off and rest it but the pain persists? Physical therapy may be your answer.

A recent study in the journal Spine found that patients that received physical therapy within the first 4 weeks of the onset of low back pain were less likely to receive epidural steroid injections, lumbar surgery, or frequent physician office visits in the year following their initial physician visit as compared with patients who received physical therapist treatment later. Also, in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, specific trunk strengthening and balance exercises were shown to be more beneficial than just strengthening and flexibility exercises alone in people with long standing low back pain.

If you suffer from low back pain and are interested in learning specific exercises that can help you, please call us, Central Oahu PT Specialists, at 450-9250.

E Komo Mai

Nov 15, 2011 · Physical Therapy

Aloha and welcome to Central Oahu Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of PT possible. Our treatments are individualized to each patient and his or her goals. This is accomplished by providing you only one to one treatments with a licensed PT for full 1 hour sessions, using the most current and evidence based treatments to treat your problem, and treating you as a whole person to make sure we address your problem from all angles – work related duties/movements, recreational hobbies, movement patterns, etc. so that we can ensure the most efficient return to your prior level of function and improve your overall quality of movement/life.

If you feel that you may benefit from our services, give us a call or you may fill out or bring the prescription form to your physician, asking that you would like to have some physical therapy, have him sign it and fax it to us.

  • I've benefited in so many ways: improved my functionality, learned to re-educate my muscles "slowly", and continued to maintain a pro-active attitude by taking control of my healing.

    C.O. - CoPT Patient

  • I appreciate, very much, that you thoroughly explained the purpose of the exercises - it is more meaningful when doing the exercise, to know its purpose.

    C.C. - CoPT Patient

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  • Posture Got You Down?

    Have you ever noticed that after a long day at work your neck, shoulders and…