Patient Resources for Physical Therapy

Whether this is your first experience with physical therapy or if you have already found true value in the services that physical therapists provide, we wanted to provide you with a few of our favorite physical therapy resources so that you can learn about your condition from reliable sources.

Physical Therapy Resources:

Preparing for your physical therapy initial evaluation

Move Forward PT

Explain Pain Book

  • This book is an excellent read which will walk you through the science behind pain, helping you to better understand what happens to your body and brain after an injury or chronic pain experience. The more you know! http://www.noigroup.com/en/Product/EPBII

Understanding Pain Video

Sports Physical Therapy

Return to Sport after Injury

Concussion Management

Vertigo and Vestibular Disorder Resources

Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) Webpage

  • This is an excellent resource for all vestibular diagnoses and includes an excellent blog, resources for support groups, and much more! http://vestibular.org/

BPPV Video:

  • I've benefited in so many ways: improved my functionality, learned to re-educate my muscles "slowly", and continued to maintain a pro-active attitude by taking control of my healing.

    C.O. - CoPT Patient

  • I appreciate, very much, that you thoroughly explained the purpose of the exercises - it is more meaningful when doing the exercise, to know its purpose.

    C.C. - CoPT Patient

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